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09/04/2014 9th April 2014 sees the official launch of the FRADU Hawks web-site, twenty years to the month since the first examples arrived at RNAS Yeovilton to begin to replace the Hawker Hunters still on strength. Development on the site began in 2009, and has been gradually worked on where possible since.

It is the long-term ambition of the site to feature every Hawk airframe that has served with the Unit, but to start I have decided to focus attention on the original Yeovilton Hawks. These are the fifteen airframes that arrived at RNAS Yeovilton between April 1994 and February 1995. Each platform has its own page containing a service history, and where possible a slideshow of images showing it at various stages of its life with the FRADU. This set-up mirrors the format that has been in place with the FRADU Hunter and FRADU Canberra web-sites, and allows easy updates and compatibility.

In addition, with the withdrawal of the Fleet Requirements and Air Direction Unit (FRADU) at RNAS Culdrose in June 2013, all bar one airframe of the final fleet that served in the final four years of existence are shown in detail. The exception at this stage is Hawk T.1A XX236, which only entered service with FRADU a month before it was disbanded! I hope to locate images of this airframe in due course!

Please have a look around, and if there are any inaccuracies present anywhere please get in touch, and I will amend them as soon as I can.
If anyone can assist with any images of FRADU Hawks not yet featured please get in touch via the contact page linked above (Hunter and Canberra images also gratefully accepted!)

I pass on my sincere thanks to the many individuals (whom have all been recognised in the list of acknowledgements) that have contacted me with material and helped with the development of the site!

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